Good Flowers

Good Flowers

This song goes out to those who came before me

And played their songs for me

And for anyone who was willing to listen

Would hear the music of their dreams

His dream came that day he hit the studio

And shaped the face of Rock N Roll

Through the music of his soul

And I can’t believe I heard you in that record store

The next day I would beg for more

That day I heard your music play

Well who knew you were on your way

To the Heartbreak Hotel

Good flowers, they wither and die

Like candles through the night

Nothing lasts forever in this life

Another dream came true

Who hoped some day you’d be a dreamer too

And that the world would live as one

And I can’t believe I heard you on that 45”

The next day you would leave this life

When I thought I heard you speak to me

Through the movement you believed that

All we need is love

The flowers grow; the flowers go – So rock and roll

And I can’t believe I heard you on that cassette tape

You used to play forever; I thought you’d play forever

We used to play together; I thought you’d play forever

Created Alive – February 2005

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Fading Away

‘Fading Away’ is the first radio release from Created Alive.

Accompanied by a single acoustic guitar, the lead vocal is heart-felt and powerful, and is backed by an echo of captivating harmonies.

This solemn soliloquy is about a lover struggling in an uncertain relationship, unsure whether to hold on or to walk away.

With deeply intimate and personal lyrics, emotional and heartbreakingly relatable, it’s intriguing and poignant; tragic, yet hopeful.

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