Green Desire

Green Desire

If you want something done then do it yourself

Why you’re too good for anyone else

And I want to shed your blood

If you see that you’re dead you’ll go so far

Nobody likes you for who you are

And I want to shed your blood

If you smash all you have and sell all you know

And burn down the place you call your home

And you live to make one more mistake

Then take that look from off your face

Cause you are just one big disgrace

And I want to shed your blood


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© Created Alive 2021

Fading Away

‘Fading Away’ is the first radio release from Created Alive.

Accompanied by a single acoustic guitar, the lead vocal is heart-felt and powerful, and is backed by an echo of captivating harmonies.

This solemn soliloquy is about a lover struggling in an uncertain relationship, unsure whether to hold on or to walk away.

With deeply intimate and personal lyrics, emotional and heartbreakingly relatable, it’s intriguing and poignant; tragic, yet hopeful.

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