Hey Hey

Hey, it’s your first time

Going your own way

Throw caution to the wind

Now you’ve gone astray

And you’re turning with the tide

And you’re falling down and blind

But you’re learning and deserving

And you get up all the time

I felt your breath upon my neck

The first night you were free

I felt your heart surrender

When you gave it all to me

But I’m turning with the tide

And I’m falling down and blind

So I’m learning and deserving

But I get up every time

Hey, hey, hey, hey

Well I needed you that day

You weren’t there like you said

And you couldn’t care anyway

Hey, hey, hey, hey

Well there is no other way

When you’re there are you’re scared

And you couldn’t care anyway

Rain down

Pour your trouble out

Let the sun shine shout out again

Then turn right around

And get back up again

Hey, hey, hey, hey

I placed my hands upon your chest

And listened to you breathe

Felt your heart surrender

And there it skipped a beat

Now you’re turning down the tide

Never falling down and blind

And you’re learning and deserving

Now you get up all the time

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© Created Alive 2021

Fading Away

‘Fading Away’ is the first radio release from Created Alive.

Accompanied by a single acoustic guitar, the lead vocal is heart-felt and powerful, and is backed by an echo of captivating harmonies.

This solemn soliloquy is about a lover struggling in an uncertain relationship, unsure whether to hold on or to walk away.

With deeply intimate and personal lyrics, emotional and heartbreakingly relatable, it’s intriguing and poignant; tragic, yet hopeful.

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