Perspiration & Precipitation

Perspiration & Precipitation

Tell me I’m not cold

You’ll warm my day

Tell me I’m not cut out for you

And walk away

Tell me I’m not man enough to satisfy every need inside of you

Tell me it’s not fair enough to care enough to wait

Tell me you’re not cold

I’ll warm your day

Tell me you’re not cut out for me

And walk away

And I’ll save my sunshine for your rain

And I’ll wait for the storm to dissipate

Daniel Hancock – May 2002

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Fading Away

‘Fading Away’ is the first radio release from Created Alive.

Accompanied by a single acoustic guitar, the lead vocal is heart-felt and powerful, and is backed by an echo of captivating harmonies.

This solemn soliloquy is about a lover struggling in an uncertain relationship, unsure whether to hold on or to walk away.

With deeply intimate and personal lyrics, emotional and heartbreakingly relatable, it’s intriguing and poignant; tragic, yet hopeful.

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