Sand Castles

Sand Castles (early lyrics – find updated version!)

The land has faded and the sand is dry

The wind blows coldly, so coldly through the night

The beach is quiet

We are alone

You are my princess

The sand is our home

If I had to I would fight

To have you with me on this endless night

The sun has gone

You are near

My whole life

Is now so clear

The moonlight dances on the water’s skin

Pull me in

I’m gonna show you magic

Giving you my all

Stay in my arms

I’ll never let you fall

All that matters is that you and I

Fill up on love and passion tonight

I won’t forget this

Let me take your hand

Lying together

Sinking in the sand

Listen closely you’ll see I can’t lie

We’ll live forever my love cannot die

You keep my warmth

I have your breath

Sharing this moment forever and again

Daniel Hancock – 1997

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