My Suicidal View

My Suicidal View by Created Alive

Just another day, you said
Call around I’ll be ahead
When all my stand-by tears have fled
We’ll reminisce our history then
Although I know everything
I’m still so stupid, suicide is cool

Just another night we prayed
Waited for the world to fade
Could such a man deserve this shade
All the laws led life astray
I forget why I obeyed
Still so stupid, suicide is cool

Take the taste of love and blame
Of love and loss and death
Share the shame with love of pain
And love to hold your breath
I consider everything, I was there that day
And lest that I’ll forget it now
We all must learn to pay

Just another fallen sign
Crossed another solid line
Taken everything of mine
Give me just a piece of time
Time enough to change my mind

Am I still so stupid?
Am I still so stupid?
My suicidal view

© Created Alive 2021

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